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Division of Finance and Administration


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about CBS2 services.

CBS2 General

I'm not sure what kind of ticket meets my needs.

If you are unsure which ticket type meets your department's needs, please use the Support We Offer section of our website. Here you find short descriptions of the most common tickets used by CBS2 customers. If you are still unable to determine which ticket is best for you, please contact our Customer Relationship team at

How do I initiate an agreement to use CBS2's services?

Departments can initiate an agreement with CBS2 by contacting Executive Director Terri Harris at

What is a CoA or FAU and why do I need it?

A Chart of Accounts (CoA) and Full Accounting Unit (FAU) are combinations of data segments that provide necessary information for financial management and budgeting. The segments provide information for strategic financial management and budgeting. Users need the data in order to properly code charges to their department budgets when submitting requests to CBS2. 

As of Jan. 4, 2021, FAUs were retired with the launch of UC Merced's new financial accounting systems. All data segments are now aligned with the UC-wide Chart of Accounts.


What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a ticketing tool that processes and catalogs customer service requests. Users can use ServiceNow to submit a request to CBS2 for processing. 

How do I track my ServiceNow requests?

Users can track their submitted requests in Service now via this link, under My Requested Items.

Where do I obtain ServiceNow training?

ServiceNow training is being provided by our Customer Relationship team, who you can contact at You also can schedule training for ServiceNow in the UC Learning Center (search for ServiceNow or CBS2).

Do I need special access to use ServiceNow?

No. All employees with a UCMercedNet ID have access to submit a ticket in ServiceNow.

How do I approve a ticket in ServiceNow?

Users can track their approvals in ServiceNow via the link provided in email or via this link under My Requested Items.

Where do I find my ServiceNow approvals?

CBS2 ServiceNow approvals can be found here.


What do I do if my PCard transaction wasn't declined by the bank but still would not go through?

If the bank did not decline your purchase, it is probably a fraud block on the vendor website. Please call the vendor and see if they can process the transaction over the phone.

Can CBS2 order a UC Merced Procurement Card for me?

Users should contact their supervisor to approve and request a Procurement Card, or Pcard. The supervisor will ask that the department's CAO to process the application.

What is an unauthorized purchase?

An form for an unathorized purchase (previously known as an after-the-fact form) is completed by a person who financially bound the university outside of their delegated authority.

I have a quote from a vendor. Where do I submit it so the items can be ordered?

CBS2 will process the quote request on the faculty or staff member's behalf through a the ServiceNow ticket.


Can CBS2 provide me with a Travel & Entertainment (T&E) card?

No, T&E cards are issued by the Travel and Expense Management department. Find more information here.

Can CBS2 process my travel reimbursement?

Yes. Users will need to provide proxy access to CBS2 along with a ServiceNow ticket to initiate the request. 

Can CBS2 make travel arragements for me?

Yes, CBS2 can book travel arrangements for faculty and staff. Users will need to provide proxy access to CBS2 in Connexus to complete this, along with a ServiceNow ticket to initiate the request. 

Can CBS2 book personal travel along with business travel?

Yes, CBS2 can make the reservations for your personal travel along with your business travel. However, reservations for personal travel will need to be reserved on the traveler's credit card for payment.

If I have a person coming to UC Merced as a lecturer, job candidate or other type of UC-approved business, can CBS2 make the travel arrangements?

Yes. CBS2 can make the reservations for you and any other person coming to the university for business. Users will need to submit a ServiceNow ticket for reservations.