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Service Level Agreements

The purpose of this Service Level Agreement (SLA) is to establish a cooperative partnership between the Center of Business Services and Solutions and its customers in an effort to set clear expectations for the following aspects of our business.

  • Outline services offered and working assumptions;
  • Quantify service level expectations
  • Outline methods used to measure the quality of service provided
  • Define mutual requirements and expectations for critical processes and overall performance
  • Strengthen communication

Go here to view CBS2's full Service Level Agreement document.

The following Service Level Agreement times have been identified to help quantify customer expectations.

Procurement Requests


General Purchasing 2 Business Days
Invoice Processing 5 Business Days
Procurement Card Receipts 5 Business Days

Travel Requests


Expense Reimbursements 2 Business Days
Travel Reservation 2 Business Days

Financial Requests


Recharge Processing 10 Business Days
Reconciliation of Monthly General Ledgers By second Monday of month
All Other Finance Assistance Varies

Personnel Requests


Separation - Involuntary/Voluntary (Staff) By Separation Date
Student Employee Changes 10 Business Days
Student Employee Hiring Process 5 Business Days
Student Employee Separations By Separation Date
All Other Personnel/Payroll Requests (Staff) Varies
Appointment Extension (Staff) 10 Business Days
Employee Recruitment (Staff) Varies
Equity, Reclass & Stipends (Staff) 5 Business Days
Fund Change & Salary Transfer 10 Business Days
On-Boarding (Staff) By start date
Org Charts 10 Business Days

Other Requests


Pro-forma Update 5 Business Days
Access Requests 2 Business Days